May 31, 2017

India is becoming a mega internet battleground

AP Photo/Ajit Solanki

Internet usage in India, particularly on mobile, is exploding, according to Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker's latest Internet Trends Report. India's share of internet usage on mobile is second in the world, and the number of wireless users in India continues to soar as data costs plummet from increased competition. A lot of the competition in the tech and telecom spaces is backed by venture capitalists, as Meeker notes, and it's leading to lower costs and more accessibility for consumers.Why it matters: For large data-based Internet companies, India is the next big fertile ground for user base expansion and revenue opportunity. More details about India's internet usage, per Meeker: Internet users: India internet users are up 28% YOY, reaching 27% of the population (355MM users), second behind ChinaAndroid: Behind China, India was #1 in Android time spent globally and #1 in total Google Play downloads between 2014-2016App Usage: Bandwidth-intensive app usage is growing dramatically, increasing video and music streaming by 3x and 4x, respectively Wireless data: Indian wireless consumer data prices have fallen 48% YOYBroadband subscribers: India broadband subscribers are up 85% YOYOne fun thing: Apps that solve simple internet tasks or problems tend to rank very well in the Indian market. Three of the top ten apps are internet utility platforms that make file transferring, dialing and video playing possible.

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