Nov 13, 2017

Humans are required to make AI work

South Korean professional Go player Lee Sedol plays against a computer. Photo: Lee Jin-man / AP

Artificial intelligence is so limited, yet such a lucrative buzzword, that companies are selling the work of hundreds of thousands of people as AI, writes the WSJ's Christopher Mims.

Why it matters: Humans have long feared AI as a jobs killer but AI's reliance on human brainpower suggests that new technology could be a boom, not a bust, for jobs.

The numbers:

  • While AI can automatically act on 83% of inappropriate content on YouTube, the remaining 17% needs human eyes, Mims writes.
  • Facebook recently announced it will double its content moderation team to 20,000 employees.
  • But the largest workforce of humans working in conjunction in AI is in China — where the government alone employs 100,000 censors.
  • If Facebook operated in China, it would need 20,000 moderators to review video content alone, a Chinese internet executive told the Journal.
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