May 3, 2017

Hulu enters live-streaming TV market

Hulu debuted a pay TV service called "Hulu Live" for $39.95 a month at their annual Upfront presentation in New York. The offering will include access to dozens of premium on-demand channels, from Fox, Disney, NBCUniversal, Scripps, CBS, Turner, A+E and more.

Why it matters: Several over-the-top TV packages have recently popped up, with most charging similar price points for similar content. Hulu's live product is different because Hulu is co-owned by cable companies (Fox, Comcast, Turner, Disney) that create content, instead of distributing it, (like Google's YouTube TV). This means their live service will exclude some of that cable content, because its already housed on Hulu's on-demand service.

Between the lines: These OTT TV live-streaming companies are capitalizing on consumption habits of people — mainly millennials — who are "cutting the cord" from more expensive cable packages to on-demand content.

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