Jan 13, 2017 - Health

Hot on the Hill: Obamacare goes to the House

Zach Gibson / AP

It should be an anti-climactic day. No Senate confirmation hearings, and the House is expected to take up the Senate's budget resolution. If the House doesn't vote today, it could be tomorrow, per House deputy whip Dennis Ross. But it's coming eventually.

As noted yesterday, House leadership is working to get lawmakers on board with as many repeal promises as possible without triggering the Byrd Rule. Those won't matter for the budget resolution, but they will once the reconciliation process gets rolling.

Clues from Paul Ryan's CNN town hall on what Republicans will do once it goes to committees, via Axios Vitals:

  • State high-risk pools — not coverage for people who keep themselves insured — as the main way Republicans want to cover pre-existing conditions after Obamacare.
  • Tax credits to buy "a plan of their choosing" and more flexible benefits.

Watching: There's some drama over Rep. Jason Chaffetz threatening to subpoena the head of the Government Office of Ethics. We'll see if that goes anywhere. No comments yet from House leadership.

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