Feb 7, 2017 - Technology

Hot in Silicon Valley: the Crunchies

TechCrunch hosted its annual Crunchies award show on Monday. Highlights:

  • Tech leaders who are working with Trump "are on the wrong side of history, no matter what you accomplish, this will be your legacy," said Erica Baker, co-founder of Project Include.
  • Jeff Lawson, who co-founded and is the CEO of Twilio, reminded everyone "who the real enemy is"—and it's not fellow Americans.
  • Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, came out to present an award and somehow agreed to a script that poked fun at her company. Yahoo's sale to Verizon is still to be determined following the disclosures of two massive security breaches, but in any event, Mayer will need a new job.
  • The team of Otto, a self-driving truck company acquired by Uber last year, showed up to pick up its award for "Hot new Startup" while wearing trucker hats—a nod at the profession Otto's technology will soon eliminate.

Why it matters: For better or worse, the Crunchies have become a public attempt by the tech industry to show off its values. The event now makes a conscious effort not to offend (too much), and award winners are increasingly more diverse—an acknowledgement of the industry's overall lack of diversity. And yet, it might no longer be the "it" event it used to be—winners like Snap didn't even bother to show up and host Chelsea Peretti didn't miss an opportunity to point out the empty seats.

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