Feb 8, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Hot in Silicon Valley: an Amazon Dash button for the ACLU

Mae Anderson / AP

ACLU donations on demand: A crafty tinkerer, Nathan Pryor, has engineered an Amazon Dash button so that it donates $5 to the ACLU every time he presses it. Pryor has published the code and instructions for anyone who wants to build their own. The ACLU raised $24 million in donations over the course of a single weekend after Trump's executive order on immigration. As Pryor explains in a blog post, his button was inspired by the idea that donating to the organization can be a gratifying response to the recent avalanche of news coming out of Washington.

Apple beefs up its TV unit: The company has hired former Amazon Fire TV chief Timothy D. Twerdahl to head its Apple TV product marketing, according to Bloomberg. Apple was recently rumored to be working on its own "skinny bundles," though the efforts never materialized. This could be a sign that it's getting serious about content again.

Sean Spicer's online troubles: The WH press secretary found himself at the receiving end of money requests and payments via the mobile app Venmo on Tuesday. On the same day, tech news site Mashable reported that Spicer has omitted to hide publicly available information about websites he's previously registered, along with his phone number and home address. As BuzzFeed outlines, Spicer's troubles on Venmo also highlight the online safety holes in the app.

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