Mar 17, 2017 - Technology

Hot in Silicon Valley: All about ride-hailing

Jeff Chiu / AP

Thursday was a big day of headlines for the ride-hailing industry, so here are the highlights:

  1. Uber's self-driving cars aren't improving very fast: According to internal documents obtained by BuzzFeed, Uber's self-driving cars drove at a rate of about a mile without human intervention in Arizona the week of March 5. Recode obtained documents for Uber's testing in Arizona, California, and Pennsylvania, which showed similar slow improvements—and sometimes declining performance.
  2. Uber wants to take Waymo's IP theft lawsuit out of the courts: The company told a judge that it will file a motion to move the lawsuit to arbitration. The reasoning: The former Google employee at the center of it, who now works for Uber, had an arbitration clause in his employment contract.
  3. "Safety third" is the motto at Uber's self-driving unit: This is one of the interesting nuggets from a recent look at Uber's autonomous driving efforts from Bloomberg.
  4. Lyft's $27 million lawsuit settlement is finally approved: The ride-hailing company gets to finally close the book on a 2013 lawsuit over its classification of its drivers as contractors instead of employees. Uber's similar lawsuit, however, is still ongoing.
  5. Spotify is rethinking its relationship with Uber since all the bad press: The music streaming company is allegedly distancing itself from Uber, with which it's had a partnership since 2014 that lets passengers play music while on a ride.
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