Updated Dec 15, 2017 - Health

People ‘in line’ for ACA coverage can finish enrolling later

It's busy at our call center today! If you call and are asked to leave your name and phone number, please do so. A call center rep will call you back after Dec 15 to make sure you have Marketplace coverage that starts Jan 1. You may also visit https://t.co/eTfU7hBbyh to enroll.— HealthCare.gov (@HealthCareGov) December 15, 2017

People who are “in line” to sign up for insurance through HealthCare.gov by the end of the day today will be allowed to finish the process later, the Health and Human Services Department says.

Why it matters: The last day of open enrollment tends to be especially busy, and in the past, some consumers haven’t been able to make it all the way through the process before the end of the day. HHS’ standard practice has been to let those consumers to finish up later, but but the department hadn’t said definitively until today whether that practice would continue this year.

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