Apr 14, 2017 - Health

Here's how much of your federal taxes go to health care

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More than a quarter of what someone pays in federal taxes goes toward Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare subsidies and other health care programs, according to a Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget analysis for the Wall Street Journal. And for all of the attention Obamacare is getting these days, it only gets a fraction of the tax dollars that go to Medicare.

The amount funneled to Medicare has gone up by 15% since 2011 as more baby boomers age into the program. Tax spending on Medicaid has gone up more than 25% since 2011 due to Obamacare's expansion of the program. For every $100 of tax revenue, this is how much goes toward health care:

  • Medicare: $15.26
  • Medicaid: $9.55
  • Obamacare subsidies: $1.09
  • Other programs tied to health care: $0.36
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