Jul 13, 2017

Hensarling: "I still remain optimistic" about tax reform

Chuck Kennedy

House Financial Services Chair Jeb Hensarling joined this morning's Axios roundtable event on the economy with Chuck Todd and NBC News. He weighed in on how Republicans can move forward with tax reform and health care under President Trump:

  • The schedule: "I think health care needed to be the lead, and I think it's critical to getting tax reform done."
  • What tax reform will look like: "I still remain optimistic…I'm absolutely convinced that we'll see tax reform. Whether it's good, better, or best, I don't know yet."
  • His economic fears: "I'm very concerned about the long term trends. Bailouts beget bailouts... I fear that we may be repeating the same mistakes."
  • His thoughts on Trump: "Am I proud of President Trump? The short answer is 'yes' because I think he's going to make my constituents' lives freer and more prosperous…Personally, any doubts I ever had were erased when he chose Mike Pence."
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