Jun 28, 2017

Helicopter attacked Venezuela's Supreme Court

Oscar Pérez / Instagram

Venezuela's Supreme Court was attacked yesterday by a circling helicopter that apparently dropped hand grenades and fired shots. It was allegedly piloted by a rogue policeman who called for Venezuelans to rise up against President Nicolás Maduro, claiming he had the backing of other police and military members, per the BBC.

  • Venezuela is in the midst of months of protests — which have resulted in at least 70 deaths — against Maduro's government as the country has faced hyperinflation and food shortages following an economic collapse caused by slumping oil prices.
  • Oscar Pérez, the man reportedly piloting the helicopter, is a highly-trained member of the special forces division of Venezuela's police, who posted a video statement on Instagram calling for an uprising.
  • One big question: Is it real? Pérez certainly has a long Instagram presence showing him in combat situations, but he has had roles as a professional actor.
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