Jul 27, 2017

GOP senators are unenthused about "skinny repeal" bill

J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Republican senators emerged from a luncheon this afternoon with little to no excitement about their last hope — a "skinny repeal" health care bill that represents the bare minimum they think they can pass. Some are dismayed that they're setting the bar so low after seven years of promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Most were noncommittal about voting for it. ""We will see what comes off the floor," said Sen. Ted Cruz, who has built much of his career on promising ACA repeal.

Please don't pass this bill: Sen. Bob Corker said he and other GOP senators are likely to receive "assurances that this is the pathway to conference" with the House, not a final product that the House would pass untouched: "After focusing on a full repeal, and then going to almost nothing, people are going to have some concerns voting for that."

If it actually became law, Sen. Lindsey Graham said, it "would destroy insurance markets and not even remotely replace Obamacare. This is going to be a trust but verify situation."

The "it's only conference" pitch is working for some senators, though:

What to watch: The "vote-a-rama" is expected to start tonight. Also, at some point Senate Republicans may release the bill.

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