Aug 7, 2017 - Health

GOP congressman shouted down at town hall: "may you die in pain"

Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Republican Rep. Doug LaMalfa faced an angry crowd at a town hall in Chico, California, Monday, with the LA Times reporting one man shouted "may you die in pain" over LaMalfa's vote for the GOP health care plan.

  • As the crowd booed and shouted, he said, "I have the mic folks. Yep, boo away … People across the board are being hurt by this."
  • It wasn't just health care: the crowd became upset when LaMalfa said he doesn't believe "man-made activity" is causing climate change.

Why it matters: many Republicans viewed this as the worst case scenario — they have to deal with the wrath of constituents upset over their position on the unpopular health care plan, and still have nothing to show for it.

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