Aug 23, 2017 - Technology

Google engineer fired over memo hires civil rights attorney

Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP

James Damore, the former Google engineer fired over a memo he wrote criticizing the company's diversity efforts, has hired civil rights lawyer Harmeet Dhillon, she confirmed to Bloomberg. Google said he was fired for violating the company's employee code of conduct. Damore claims it was for expressing political views that differ from Google's.

  • Why it matters: Damore's memo set off wide backlash because of his assertions that women were biologically less inclined to pursue computer science professions and that Google doesn't tolerate conservative or minority viewpoints. Dhillon's firm is seeking other Google employees who believe they've been unfairly treated by the company, she posted on Twitter.
  • Dhillon was rumored to be considered by President Trump to lead the Department of Justice's Civil Rights division.
  • Damore has already filed a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board and has said he's exploring further legal actions.
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