Feb 15, 2017

Gizmodo buying ads to lure potential Trump leakers

Wall Street Journal reports that Gizmodo's investigative team is buying Facebook ads that will direct government agency employees to a URL that will allow them to anonymously disclose tips and documents to reporters.

The ads will link to TellonTrump.com, a live site that features a link to Gizmodo's secure file drop.

The site features contact and social media information for leakers to contact Gizmodo reporters. Gizmodo media group represents a variety of sites, including Jezebel, Deadspin, Lifehacker, Fusion and The Root.

"One thing we know about Donald Trump is that there are a lot of things Donald Trump doesn't want people to know about," the site says. "If you've reached this page, you might have information about the conduct of Donald Trump or his administration that you'd like people to know about. Here's how you can tell us."

Why it matters: Amid a chaotic media and political environment, a culture of leaking has become a story within itself. The problem is so bad that the president publicly acknowledged it Wednesday on Twitter.

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