Jul 21, 2017

Former CBO directors: Stop attacking our work

All of the former directors of the Congressional Budget Office have teamed up to defend their colleagues' work — and demand that Republicans stop attacking the budget office's estimate of the Senate health care bill. The letter to the top Republican and Democratic congressional leaders expresses "our strong objection to recent attacks on the integrity and professionalism of the agency and on the agency's role in the legislative process."

The bottom line: They say the non-partisan office produces "estimates that are more accurate, on average, than estimates or guesses by people who are not objective and not as well informed as CBO's analysts."

Why it matters: Republicans have been criticizing CBO's assumptions and accusing the budget office of inflating its estimates of the health care bill's impact, especially on how many people would lose coverage. But the main attacks lately have been coming from the White House, including a Washington Post op-ed by two White House officials who called CBO's estimates "fake news."

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