Feb 7, 2017 - Technology

Facebook expands paid family leave

Facebook is extending its bereavement and family sick leave, COO Sheryl Sandberg said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

New policy: Employees will now get up to 20 days of paid bereavement leave for the loss of an immediate family member, and, up to 10 days for an extended family member. Previously, employees only got half at many days.

Employees will also get up to six weeks of paid time off to care for a sick relative and three days in the case of a relative's short-term illness, such as a child having the flu.

Personal note: For Sandberg, bereavement leave is an especially important subject—her husband, Dave Goldberg, died suddenly in May 2015 while on vacation.

Why it matters: This latest expansion of Facebook's policy follows Sandberg's efforts to champion women's rights in the workplace. She was criticized for not being more openly supportive of the Women's March following Donald Trump's inauguration, something she later said she regrets. Continuing to advocate for benefits for women and families is also an easier way for Sandberg (and Facebook) to push this agenda without directly opposing Trump.

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