Mar 24, 2017 - Technology

Ello founder is back with a wacky Snapchat-like app

The man behind Ello, an "anti-Facebook" social network that made headlines in 2014 for its ad-free approach, is back with something new. It's Wuu, a quirky, yet simplistic, mobile app reminiscent of Snapchat and Instagram (minus public posting or "likes"). As with Ello, it's unclear how Wuu plans to make money as it won't have ads and is focused on user privacy.

Paul Budnitz, Ello's co-founder and original CEO, released Wuu yesterday on iOS, though the app is still invite-only. Budnitz still remains part-owner of Ello, though he no longer runs the company. The social network no longer makes headlines but has found popularity among artists. Earlier this month, Ello raised $2.5 million in new funding.

Wuu money: SEC filings revealed Wuu raised between $725,000 and $1.3 million over two convertible note rounds last year. Budnitz declined to say more about dollars, but did reveal to Axios that Founders Fund is the lead investor, adding that the firm told him to "do whatever the hell you want" as far as building the app. Other investors in Wuu include Vermont-based VC firm FreshTracks Capital (also an Ello investor), and a few undisclosed Hollywood celebrities.

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