Feb 25, 2017

Democrats pick Perez

AP Photo/Branden Camp

Tom Perez will be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He defeated Keith Ellison.

Why this matters: Ellison is a House member from Minnesota and the first Muslim elected to Congress. He was backed by Bernie Sanders. Perez was President Obama's Labor secretary and had the backing of former Vice President Biden. So the race was seen as a contest between the party establishment and its left wing.

But, but, but... Perez picked Ellison to be his deputy chair.

Who to watch: Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, used his speech today to drop out of the running for chair and then didn't endorse. A lot of sharp political minds called that a good move. He got noticed as a rising star, avoided a distant-third place finish, and didn't antagonize the eventual winner.

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