Sep 22, 2017

David Brooks: big tech faces a “defining moment”

Trump supporters at a rally during the election. Photo: Mindy Schauer / The Orange County Register via AP

David Brooks' N.Y. Times column on "The Coming War on Business" touches on a theme we've been telling you about since August:

  • "Trump is not a one-time phenomenon; the populist tide has been rising for years. His base sticks with him through scandal because it's not just about him; it's a movement defined against the so-called ruling class."
  • "Congressional Republicans get all tangled on health care and other issues because they don't understand their voters. ... Trump may not be the culmination, but merely a way station toward an even purer populism."
  • "Trump is nominally pro-business. The next populism will probably take his ethnic nationalism and add an anti-corporate, anti-tech layer."
  • "As the tech behemoths intrude more deeply into daily life and our very minds, they will become a defining issue in American politics."
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