Apr 11, 2017

Chris Christie is the least popular governor in the U.S.

Jeff Fusco / AP for Hard Rock International

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the least popular governor in America according to Morning Consult's Governor Approval Rankings, adding insult to injury after a brutal 2016 that included a failed presidential run and subsequent brushoff from the incoming Trump administration.

Winning trends: Two of the most popular governors — Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Larry Hogan of Maryland — are Republicans in blue states known for their willingness to enact bipartisan measures, showing that reaching across the aisle still can have a positive resonance with voters.

Losing trends: Two of the least popular governors — Republican Sam Brownback of Kansas and Democrat Dannel Malloy of Connecticut — have found their states facing revenue shortfalls after they enacted sweeping and controversial economic policies from their respective ends of the political spectrum.

Most popular governors:

  1. Charlie Baker (MA): +58%
  2. Larry Hogan (MD): +57%
  3. Doug Burgum (ND): +53%

Least popular governors:

  1. Chris Christie (NJ): -46%
  2. Sam Brownback (KS): -39%
  3. Dannel Malloy (CT): -37%

Other big names:

  • Jerry Brown (CA): +24%
  • Rick Scott (FL): +21%
  • Andrew Cuomo (NY): +31%
  • John Kasich (OH): +26%
  • Terry McAuliffe (VA): +21%
  • Scott Walker (WI): -5%
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