Mar 12, 2017

Breitbart paid Bannon $750,000/year

Evan Vucci / AP

The Washington Post did a lot of digging into where Bannon lived before he started working with Trump (short answer: he had places in Calif. and Florida and spent a lot of time at the Breitbart offices in D.C.), and they found a lease he signed in 2013 where he disclosed his income.

  • $750,000 as chairman of Brietbart News Network
  • $270,000 as executive chairman of Arc Entertainment (a film distribution company)
  • $100,000 as chairman of the non profit Government Accountability Institute (the Post found this in IRS records)

Bannon and his ex-wife were applying to rent a $4,900/month home in Miami. The Post said Bannon never lived there and may have falsely registered to vote in Florida. The State Attorney is looking into it, but proving wrongdoing could be hard, the Post said, because state law doesn't clearly define residency

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