Jun 1, 2017

Biden adviser breaks down the PAC announcement


Mel Evans / AP

Former Vice President Joe Biden is creating an American Possibilities PAC as a possible prelude to running in 2020, the N.Y. Times' Jonathan Martin reports.

A Biden adviser emails me:

"I'd say there are three ways to see this. First, it is driven by mechanics: He is much in demand for political travel and appearances, and he needs a way to staff and pay for it."
"Second, it is driven by his passion. He loves politics: He doesn't see it as some unpleasant necessity to govern, he sees it as a joyous enterprise — and this is his platform to pursue that passion."
"And third, it is driven by a desire to be seen as a 2020 player: Whether he runs or not, he knows he is a more significant figure if he is in the mix, and he sees no reason to take himself out of it."
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