Aug 4, 2017

Bernie Sanders was the only vote against the FDA bill

Branden Camp / AP

The Senate passed the reauthorization of the FDA user fees yesterday by a lopsided vote of 94-1. Who was the one? It was Bernie Sanders, returning to his pre-presidential campaign form as the guy who doesn't care if the army is with him or not.

Why did Sanders vote against it? Because the FDA bill "does nothing to lower drug prices and is a giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry," per his spokesman, Josh Miller-Lewis. (One provision Republican Sen. Susan Collins did cite as a measure against high drug prices: It would require the FDA to speed up the reviews of generic drug applications in markets where there's not a lot of competition.)

What's next: Because the Senate cleared the House version of the FDA bill, it can go straight to Trump's desk. He's expected to sign it into law.

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