Mar 18, 2017

Before Trumpcare vote, House Rules chair faces testy crowd

Did you think those loud town hall protests against Obamacare repeal were over? Well, you were wrong. House Rules Committee chairman Pete Sessions got an earful this afternoon at a Richardson, Texas town hall, the Texas Tribune reports.

Why it matters: Sessions is about to run the Rules Committee meeting where they'll make changes to the bill to win conservative Republican votes. Sessions isn't wavering on Obamacare repeal and was never likely to be intimidated by the protests, but he did part ways with President Trump on the deep funding cuts Trump has proposed for the National Institutes of Health.

Protesters chanted "Vote him out!" right after he promised that the House will pass the repeal and replacement bill next week. Here's video posted by Gromer Jeffers of the Dallas Morning News:

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Sessions got testy when audience members booed him as he tried to explain the GOP plan with a PowerPoint presentation: "You know what? I know why you're so frustrated: You don't know how to listen ... I know how to listen."

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