May 25, 2017

Apple News hires an editor in chief

Eric Risberg / AP

Apple News has hired New York Magazine editor Lauren Kern as editor-in-chief of Apple's mobile-based news distribution app, Politico reports. Apple News replaced Apple's previous news app, the "Newsstand," in 2015, and has become a more user friendly and customized experience that's focused on design.

Why it matters: This is another example of the latest tech platform trend: Hire a veteran journalist to weed out bad content, and elevate news important to users. Examples:

  • Google hired Salon's Richard Gingras to lead its News products division in 2011.
  • Snapchat hired CNN's Peter Hamby as "Head of News" in 2015.
  • Facebook hired veteran anchor Campbell Brown to lead its Facebook Journalism Project in 2017.
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