Aug 27, 2017

Abbott: "Texans need to be prepared for more rainfall"

David J. Phillip / AP

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Tropical Storm Harvey is bringing "a historic rainfall if not an all-time record" in a press conference Sunday afternoon. The storm hit Texas' southeastern coast and barreled through Houston this weekend. Texans in the affected areas, including Houston, "will continue to receive incredibly heavy rain that will lead to even more flooding and more danger," Abbott said.

  • At least 5 people have been reported dead in the storm. "There obviously have been reported fatalities, but I'm not in position to confirm that they are related to the storms," Abbott said.
  • There have been 316,000 power outages, not including those who lost power today in Houston.
  • 50 counties have been declared emergency areas by the state of Texas; 19 of those are federal emergency areas
  • Texas has received help from Nebraska, Tennessee, Utah, California, Missouri, Ohio, Arizona and New York, in addition to federal resources.
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