Feb 22, 2017 - Technology

A list of what's wrong at Uber

Abrackin / Flickr cc

As Uber continues to reel from the explosive allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination a former employee published on Sunday, more details about the company's culture are emerging.

According to a report from the New York Times, citing anonymous sources, incidents at the company include:

  • An Uber manager groped female co-workers' breasts at a company retreat in Las Vegas where other employees did cocaine in bathrooms at private parties (the manager was immediately let go).
  • A director shouted a homophobic slur at a subordinate.
  • A manager threatened to beat an employee's head in with a baseball bat.
  • Uber faces at least three lawsuits in at least two countries from former employees alleging being sexually harassed or verbally abused by managers, according to documents obtained by the Times.
  • As a response to complaints against high-performing managers, Uber would shuffle them around different regions, rarely firing them.

Uber declined to comment on any specific incidents to the Times.

What's next: Kalanick has already put together a team to investigate the former employee's allegations and the company's overall work culture. He's also vowed to rectify the company's practices and culture.

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