Jan 24, 2017

3rd-party platforms aren't a media gold mine


Media publishers need third-party platforms to grow and develop their audience, but news entities on those platforms, like Snapchat Discover and Facebook Instant Articles, aren't paying off as expected. A new report by the trade group Digital Content Next lays out the numbers.

The report found that participating publishers, on average, made only $7.7 million on third-party platforms, like Facebook, Snapchat and Google, which is roughly 14% of their overall revenue. Video represents 85% of that, largely driven by television and cable companies' monetization of internet-based content.

Here's the average breakout by platform, by publisher, for the first half of 2016:

  • YouTube: $773,567
  • Twitter: $482,788
  • Facebook: $560,144
  • Snapchat: $192,819

Source: Digital Content Next

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