May 6, 2017

14 things that are "dead" to Trump

Alex Brandon / AP

President Trump tweeted that "Obamacare" is "dead" four times between Thursday and Friday. Trump has been referring to the Affordable Care Act as "dead" since 2013, but it turns out he likes to use that adjective for a few other things, too.

Why it matters: It suggests that he considers these things so egregious and failing that they're no longer in existence. This is especially problematic when something becomes "dead" to Trump because it criticizes him or doesn't serve him — like the countless media outlets he condemns.

Shark Tank: ".@mcuban, Shark Tank was shoved to Friday evening-- Friday is considered "dead television." Besides, you are not the star (& never will be)."

"Shark Tank is a dead Friday night filler compared to the Apprentice which has been number one show for week in the T. V. ratings!"

Esquire magazine: "Really bad article about me in the dying (or dead) Esquire Magazine. Totally false - lots of hatred. When will this boring magazine close?"

Star Jones' career: "Before Star Jones begged me to put her on The Apprentice she was "professionally dead.""

Boxing: "No wonder boxing is close to dead!"

Rosie O'Donnell's show: "Rosie O'Donnell's show is "dead"- can't keep going for long with such poor ratings."

National Review: "Not much is as "dead" or irrelevant as National Review thanks to guidance of Goldberg, a total loser! Get some real talent or fold!"

The View: "The ratings for The View are really low. Nicole Wallace and Molly Sims are a disaster. Get new cast or just put it to sleep. Dead T.V."

New York Mag: "New York Magazine sucks - lifeless and dead - one of the most boring out there. Get it now, it won't last long!"

Anthony Weiner's mayoral campaign: "Now with the Danger-Weiner campaign dead, time to focus on crazy Eliot Spitzer. A man who has never earned 10 cents in his life"

"Pervert Weiner is dead in his race for mayor of NYC but WOW, Eliot Spitzer has dropped way down in recent poll for comptroller. SLEAZE!"

TIME magazine: "The Time Magazine list of the 100 Most Influential People is a joke and stunt of a magazine that will, like Newsweek,soon be dead. Bad list!"

The Cruz-Kasich deal: "The Cruz-Kasich pact is under great strain. This joke of a deal is falling apart, not being honored and almost dead. Very dumb!"

"Wow, the ridiculous deal made between Lyin'Ted Cruz and 1 for 42 John Kasich has just blown up. What a dumb deal - dead on arrival!"

"Lyin' Ted and Kasich are mathematically dead and totally desperate."

Rolling Stone: "Sad thing is Rolling Stone was (is) a dead magazine with big downward circulation and now, for them at last, people are talking about it!"

CNN: "I heard that the underachieving John King of @CNN on Inside Politics was one hour of lies. Happily, few people are watching - dead network!"

Vanity Fair: "Has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of @VanityFair Magazine. Way down, big trouble, dead!"

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