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The White House will not have its comprehensive tax reform package ready by August's congressional recess, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin conceded in an interview with The Financial Times. About that original timeline, which Mnuchin had reiterated during an Axios event just weeks ago:

[It's] highly aggressive to not realistic at this point.

What happened? Mnuchin added that the delay was caused by the failure of healthcare reform, which the White House had hoped could help offset proposed tax cuts. He also continued to express skepticism over the so-called border adjustment tax ― without taking it completely off the table ― arguing that up to $1 trillion in extra revenue could be found elsewhere, including via rosier economic growth expectations. Mnuchin still believes that tax reform will be signed into law at some point in 2017.

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Health workers fear new shortages of protective equipment

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Health care workers faced severe shortages of face masks, gowns and other protective equipment at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and they're afraid it's happening again now.

Why it matters: Hospitals, nursing homes and physician clinics need this equipment to protect themselves and to avoid spreading infection. Supplies are already stretched thin, and will likely get thinner as the coronavirus and flu season converge in the fall.

Planned Parenthood launches digital ad campaign for Biden

Photo: Erik McGregor / Contributor

Planned Parenthood Votes, the political arm of the national reproductive rights group, is ramping up its general election efforts, launching five-figure digital ad campaigns across nine battleground states.

Why it matters: This is the group's biggest election cycle effort yet, part of a larger $45 million investment ahead of November's election, and provides a glimpse of how Democrats are trying to take down President Trump on women's health issues while boosting Joe Biden as the alternative.

Pro-Trump PAC drops $23 million on summer anti-Biden ads

Screenshot: America First Action

America First Action, a leading pro-Trump super PAC, will focus on Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in a $23 million anti-Biden summer ad campaign beginning next week.

Why it matters: The ad buy signals which swing states the groups sees as most vulnerable for President Trump. Arizona and Wisconsin were not included earlier this year in the core battleground strategy.