VC firm formed to back "sexual wellness" startups

Intimate Capital is launching to invest in sexual wellness companies, firm founder Roi Carthy tells Axios. Its initial raise is designed to secured $20 million.

Why it matters: Carthy, a serial CMO who also once led a VC firm focused on Israel and Brazil, says that sexual wellness startups struggle to get funding unless they're focused on fertility or erectile dysfunction.

And, even if they can snag a seed or Series A round, follow-on money is particularly difficult to come by.

  • Intimate is structuring itself like an investment company, rather than an LP/GP fund, much like what we've seen with Privateer and others in the cannabis space.
  • Carthy says he has a partner, but isn't disclosing their identity until Intimate's official launch. He also says the plan is to invest globally, even though he's based in Israel.