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Trump's outside army

America First Policies, a non-profit organization run by Trump insiders, is rolling out a nationwide cable ad campaign this week to promote the President's first trip abroad. I spoke with the group's leaders Katie Walsh and Brian O. Walsh (no relation) to hear what they're doing, and how they're thinking about the fights ahead:

Data points:

  • The group is putting $400,000 behind a weeklong TV ad, "Safe Again," which promotes the President's work in the Middle East and Europe — with a focus on fighting terrorism.
  • The new ad takes America First's spending this year to roughly $5 million, with campaigns to support the Republican healthcare plan and the special election in Georgia.
  • America First gave a $3 million outside push to help get healthcare through the House. They ran TV, phone and digital and key districts and they tell me they'll likely adopt the same strategy to help in Senate target states.