Shannon Vavra Apr 14, 2017
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The NSA might have another inside leaker

Thomas Heylen via Flickr CC

A new leak about the National Security Agency suggests that the NSA targeted banks and financial systems in the Middle East, and has compromised the anti-money laundering firm EastNets' Dubai office, according to an AP report. That would give the NSA access to financial transactions throughout the region.

Who: TheShadowBrokers, a hacker or group of hackers, facilitated the leak. The files dumped indicate whoever is behind the leak has access to more data than previously known. No one knows who is behind the leaks, but Motherboard's 2016 analysis of the language used indicates it is an English-speaker. Cybersecurity expert James Bamford speculated in a Reuters op-ed that it is likely a disgruntled intelligence agent. As Forbes puts it: "If so, that's a ticking bomb waiting to go off for the NSA."