Silicon Valley's sexist swamp

Lazaro Gamio / Axios

"What do you know about a VC named Justin Caldbeck?"

That was the question my (now former) colleague Leena Rao asked last year, at the end of an unrelated conversation. I replied that I knew little more than his official bio, including some news I had broken a few years earlier that he had left Lightspeed Venture Partners to form a new firm called Binary Capital with a pal of his who had left General Catalyst. Leena then said she had heard stories about sexual harassment toward female founders, and that it seemed to be an open secret among a subset of Silicon Valley's small (but tight) network of women VCs and founders.

Bottom line: This story is much longer than what we typically print here at Axios, but it needs to be told and amplified. Only sunlight can burn away this sort of behavior, and protect others from it in the future.

Update: Justin Caldbeck has taken an indefinite leave of absence from Binary Capital.