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The next key executive order deadlines for AI

May 29, 2024
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Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

It's been 30 weeks since President Biden issued his AI executive order, and a handful of major deadlines are this summer.

The big picture: As agencies work to complete the tasks on time, they're setting standards and best practices for the use of AI across the country.

  • The executive branch — not Congress — is in the driver's seat for federal AI regulation.

Here are some of the key deadlines over the next few months:

By June 26, the Commerce Department will submit a report identifying the standards, tools and methods that exist for authenticating content and labeling and detecting faked content.

  • The report will also cover how to prevent generative AI from being used to create nonconsensual images of people and child abuse material.
  • By that day, NSF will help agencies incorporate privacy-enhancing technologies into their operations to try to protect personal data.

By July 26, the Energy Department will have a plan for analyzing the "nuclear, nonproliferation, biological, chemical, critical infrastructure, and energy-security threats or hazards" posed by AI models.

  • Under that same deadline, the Chief Data Officer Council will have guidelines for security reviews on misusing federal data.
  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is expected to have shared recommendations with President Biden on executive actions he might take on AI and copyright.

What's next: The next major deadline is Oct. 29, a year after Biden issued the AI EO. Some of those tasks include:

  • The State Department and USAID must publish an AI in Global Development Playbook and a Global AI Research Agenda.
  • The attorney general will need to submit a report on the use of AI in the criminal justice system.
  • HHS will develop a "strategy for regulating the use of AI or AI-enabled tools in drug-development processes."
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