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White House announces early deadlines met on AI executive order

Jan 29, 2024
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An American flag flies over the south facade of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

The Biden administration is hitting key deadlines to carry out its executive order on artificial intelligence, White House officials said Monday.

Driving the news: Top federal officials working to carry out the AI EO say their agencies have completed all of the 90-day actions asked of them, along with "advancing other vital directives that the Order tasked over a longer timeframe," per a White House announcement.

  • Deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed holds a meeting with the White House AI Council today.
  • Biden issued the executive order last October, sparking federal agencies to move quickly to meet hundreds of deadlines.

Details: Per the White House, agencies have already carried out dozens of tasks required by the EO, including:

  • Using the Defense Production Act to compel AI developers to report information about safety.
  • Proposing a draft rule compelling U.S. cloud companies that service foreign AI companies to tell the government.
  • Completed risk assessments of using AI in critical infrastructure sectors.
  • Launching a pilot of the National AI Research Resource.
  • Boosting hiring of AI professionals; mostly data scientists.

Between the lines: We still don't know much of the substance of what agencies are actually producing as they meet the order's deadlines.

  • Yet, it's clear that the Biden administration does not want to be seen as behind on AI and is going to keep pushing forward on the EO.
  • In the absence of new laws from Congress, AI companies should pay close attention to how well the EO is carried out and what gets prioritized.
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