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Scoop: Schumer's AI forum format details

Illustration of multiple name tags that all say "Hello my name is AI."

Illustration: Allie Carl/Axios

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's highly anticipated AI insight forum next week will last at least six hours, according to a copy of the schedule obtained by Axios.

What's happening: The Sept. 13 event starts in the morning with a three-hour panel, during which tech CEOs and other invited speakers will give remarks.

  • After an hour break, a three-hour afternoon session will be held.

Of note: "All Senators are encouraged to attend to listen to this important discussion, but please note the format will not afford Senators the opportunity to provide remarks or to ask questions to the speakers," the notice states.

  • "This and future AI Insight Forums are structured as a dialogue between experts rather than a traditional committee hearing or briefing."
  • The afternoon session will involve, per the schedule: "Asking the big questions in AI and exploring some of the topics that we will discuss in more detail in future Forums."
  • Some speakers won't stay for the second session, though Schumer is asking for them to have a high-ranking deputy present.

Our thought bubble: Having dozens of the world's biggest tech CEOs with some labor and civil society representatives sprinkled in likely won't offer a format that's conducive to getting into the granular details of regulating a highly complex technology.

  • The real work will happen when all the celebrity CEOs are gone, and will take place at the committee level.

Hans Nichols contributed to this report.

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