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AI bill roundup

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill want to avoid getting in the way of artificial intelligence's potential. But they're also looking to put guardrails in place for the rapidly evolving technology.

As Congress walks that tightrope, here are the policy proposals popping up.

What we're watching: The American Data Privacy and Protection Act, which is expected to be reintroduced soon, includes AI language that could serve as a basic structure for national guardrails.

  • AI is included in the bill's definition of covered algorithms, which would be subjected to detailed and comprehensive impact assessments and require companies to mitigate harm before deploying the technology.

Risk-targeted approaches:

1) Rep. Yvette Clarke's REAL Political Advertisements Act would require campaigns to disclose when they use generative AI in political ads.

  • Sens. Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker and Michael Bennet introduced companion legislation Monday.

2) Reps. Ted Lieu, Don Beyer and Ken Buck introduced the Block Nuclear Launch by Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Act, which would ensure federal funds can't be used by an automated system to launch nuclear weapons without meaningful human control.

Government's own use:

1) Sen. Michael Bennet has introduced a number of AI-related bills, including:

  • The ASSESS AI Act, which would create a task force to give recommendations on responsible AI use to Congress.
  • The Overseeing Emerging Technology Act, which would require certain federal agencies to "designate a senior official able to advise on the responsible use of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence."

2) Rep. Ted Lieu has suggested creating a federal agency to govern the use of AI.

3) Sens. Gary Peters and Mike Braun introduced a bill this week to establish AI training programs for the federal workforce, specifically for federal supervisors and management officials.

4) Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has also called for AI regulation, putting forth ideas that would serve as the groundwork for legislation, as Axios previously reported.

Of note: On the heels of a White House meeting with AI executives earlier this month, the administration advised the Office of Management and Budget to release a draft policy guidance on the use of AI systems by the federal government.

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