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Retail bankruptcy tracker

Updated Apr 22, 2024
Status of select retail bankruptcies
Data: Axios research; Table: Axios Visuals

Axios has compiled a list of prominent retail bankruptcies.

Why it matters: Faced with higher-for-longer interest rates, and consumers' fickle spending habits, retailers are feeling the crunch.

The big picture: Compound that with the need to keep up with the times, and it makes it difficult for retailers to compete (and stay afloat) in this environment.

  • "The demands on omnichannel retailing are manifold, requiring large ongoing investment in online capabilities, implementation of these initiatives, and integration with in-store strategy and operations," according to an FTI Consulting analysis on distressed retail.
  • It's a heavy, expensive lift for retailers, and not all chains can do it well, the firm says. Plus, consumers can be less forgiving when their expectations aren't met.

Zoom out: The wave of recent retail bankruptcies that have hit this year and the ones that remain in trouble have a common theme:

  • "It is the huge, soft middle where the biggest exposure lies for the retail sector. That is, mid-sized chains selling nondescript or lower-end brands of discretionary or non-essential goods to middle-income shoppers," FTI says.
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