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Exclusive: Nostra raises $6.3M to accelerate e-commerce

Feb 5, 2024
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Illustration: Tiffany Herring/Axios

Nostra, a conversion optimization software company, raised a $6.3 million seed to speed up e-commerce websites, CEO Arthur Root tells Axios exclusively.

Why it matters: Tech that cost-effectively increases online conversion rates is appealing to companies trying to keep lean operating expenses.

Details: Signal Peak Ventures and Sugar Capital led the round, which included Crosscut Ventures, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, and executives at several big e-commerce companies.

  • This will put the company's runway well into 2025, Root says.
  • The company has raised about $11 million to date.

How it works: Nostra goes pixel-by-pixel on e-commerce websites, examining personalized content like shopping carts and determining which of those pixels should be cached.

  • This enables the website's page to load 20% to 30% faster on average, Root says.
  • "The faster you load on the website, the more people are going to purchase from it," Root says.
  • The company also has a tool that allows the stripped-down version of a website to be crawled more frequently, thereby driving more traffic.

Context: According to a Deloitte study, a 0.1-second mobile site speed improvement can drive retail conversion, increasing rates by 8.4% and the average order value by 9.2%.

What's next: The funds will help Nostra invest in artificial intelligence and R&D, as well as expand its product lines and customer base, Root says.

  • Nostra aims to be an edge-native platform for e-commerce brands, to improve personalization, A/B testing, SEO optimization, and analytics, Root says.
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