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Overheard: TIME100 Summit

Kim Kardashian and Poppy Harlow both sitting in white chairs facing each other and talking in front of a red backdrop at the TIME100 Summit

Kim Kardashian and CNN's Poppy Harlow. Photo: Kerry Flynn/Axios

A star-studded lineup took the stage at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Frederick P. Rose Hall for the TIME100 Summit on Tuesday to discuss activism, politics, the climate crisis and, of course, the impact of artificial intelligence.

Here are some of the media-focused highlights:

📸 Kim Kardashian considers life without the cameras:

  • "I do feel like there's a lot that's always on TV and a lot that's always out there, but I think my friends and my family know we really cherish a lot of our private time, and I would be just as happy being an attorney full time."

😔 Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky notes loneliness from technology:

  • "No one really has changed anyone else's mind in [the] YouTube comment section. Our Instagram followers aren't coming to our funeral, and we have increasingly [seen] a rise in loneliness all over the world. ... With AI, there's this great promise of bringing people together. At the same time, AI can generate an image of a person you think is real or not."

🤖 General Catalyst chairman Ken Chenault calls attention to "unintended consequences":

  • "The reality is you got to understand the consequences. ... It's not enough to say I created this incredible capability and let someone else worry about the impact or I'm going to be naive and take the position that it's only going to be used for good."

🦖 Steven Spielberg comparing the rapid AI evolution to "Jurassic Park":

  • "The whole theme of 'Jurassic Park' was, we stood on the shoulders of giants to create something that everybody else has brought up before us. And now we've unleashed it on the world and it's starting to chase us."
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