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September 09, 2023

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Welcome to the August edition. Axios Pro Deals research associate Natalie Breymeyer here with your monthly recap of who's working where now.

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πŸ’Ό New hires

C-suite hires

  • Darrell Gray became CEO of Wellpoint, leaving a role as chief health equity officer at Elevance Health.
  • Aashish Mody became CEO of Spire Labs and stepped down as president of Neurotrack.
  • Lisa Rometty became CEO of Zerigo Health and left a post as president of CVS kidney care.
  • Troy Bage became CEO of Tend after leaving a post as CEO of Ivy Rehab for Kids.
  • Osama Usmani, founder of HealthPass, became CEO of Salubrum.
  • Mark Michalski became CEO of Ascertain and left Amazon, where he led strategic development for health care and life sciences. Gregg Fergus became executive chair.
  • Carina Edwards, the former CEO of Quil Health, became CEO of Kipu Health.
  • Brian Esterly, formerly the chief growth and strategy officer at Centria Healthcare, joined TimeDoc Health as CEO.
  • Bryan Hanson became CEO of 3M's Health Care Business Group, effective Sept. 1, per MedTech Dive, leaving a role as CEO of Zimmer Biomet.
  • Heidi Schwarzwald became chief medical officer of home and community services at Signify Health, leaving a post as VP CMO of provider networks at Aetna.
  • Massachusetts General Hospital attending physician Robert Accordino became chief medical officer of AbleTo.
  • Kristina Omari joined Wheel as CFO, stepping down as EVP of finance at Everly Health.
  • Mark Kaye joined Elevance Health as CFO, replacing John Gallina who will retire from the role later this year. Kaye was previously CFO at Moody's.
  • At Unlock Health, Christine McPherson became chief people officer, Joshua Schoonover became chief client officer, Dan Lavelle became chief strategy officer and Corey Maul became CTO.
  • Robin Borg became chief people officer at DexCare, leaving the same role at Galileo.
  • Christopher Betz became CTO of AptiHealth and left a role as senior director of software engineering at Brightside Health.
  • Andrew Trister became the chief scientific officer at Verily, leaving a post as deputy director of digital health at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • At Nectar Life Sciences, Shyam Joshi became the company's first chief scientific officer, and Tania Elliott, was named as chief medical officer.
  • Eric Carr joined Particle Health as chief architect, leaving a post as VP of platform engineering at Komodo Health.
  • Wendy Xu became chief product officer of Brightside, leaving the same role at bankrupt The Pill Club.
  • Rita Sharma became the chief product officer at Pager and left a role as VP of health care product management at Salesforce.
  • Peter Scherr joined Incredible Health as chief marketing officer, leaving the same role at Pagaya.
  • Brian Groves joined NestlΓ© Health Science as chief marketing officer, leaving a post as a VP at Meta.
  • Keith Clements became chief commercial officer at Toothio and left a post as VP of sales at Young Innovations.
  • Kurt Hammond, formerly chief growth officer at eMed Digital Healthcare, became chief commercial officer at Exo.
  • Haleigh Tebben joined Uprise Health as chief revenue officer and left a role as chief commercial officer of Brightline.
  • At Nursa, Amanda Duke became chief revenue officer, Melissa Matross became chief product officer, and Brad Taylor became chief technology officer.
  • Jean Olive became CIO at John Hancock and left a role as CTO at Best Buy Health.

Executive hires

  • Heather Cianfrocco became president of Optum, leaving a post as CEO of OptumRx at United Health.
  • Stephen Fromm, the former co-CEO of TigerRisk Capital Markets and Advisory, became president of Family First.
  • Patches Seely became EVP of clinical solutions at Carenet Health, leaving a post as VP at Ascension.
  • Cathy Donohue became SVP of product at CodaMetrix, leaving a post as VP of product management at Commure.
  • Kim Shepard became SVP of client success at Collective Health and left a role as an SVP at Cigna.
  • Jennifer Becker, the former head of operations at Amazon Care, became SVP of care delivery at Omada Health.
  • Ryan Waring joined Miovision as VP of financial planning, leaving the same role at Tebra.
  • Omar Mousa became VP of product at Ventricle Health and left the role of VP of strategy at Adonis.
  • Nicole Nye became VP of product strategy at Iodine Software and left a post as VP of product management at Atlas Health.
  • Philip Fleischman joined Norwest as a VP on the health care team.
  • James Banares, formerly head of people at StreamNative, became VP of people at Resilience Lab.
  • Ian Marcus joined Apple to lead the regulatory affairs health division, leaving a role as acting assistant director at the FDA.
  • Owen Willis, a former program partner at On Deck, announced he is now the founder and general partner of Opal Ventures.

Other hires

  • Samyukta Mullangi, a Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer fellow, became the medical oncology director at Thyme Care.
  • Hamish Ferguson became director of business development for payer relationships at Modern Health, leaving the same role at Headway.
  • Nate Sternberg became director of data analytics and biz ops at AvoMD, leaving a post as marketing data and analytics lead at Wisp.
  • David Markman became an operating partner at ARPA-H. He previously was VP of strategic partnerships at The Public Health company.
  • Troy Andrews became a senior product manager at Talkiatry and left a role as product director of reimbursement management at Olive AI.
  • Claire Stanton became senior product manager at Particle Health after leaving the same role at Evidation Health.
  • Josh Pappas became senior sales director at Kintsugi and left a role as sales director at Tendo.
  • Derek Johnson became general counsel at Portal Innovations and left a post as senior counsel at Myeloid Therapeutics.
  • Kristy Khamphilath joined Notable as its people operations program manager and stepped down from the same position at EarnIn.
  • Kendra Sticka became executive director of HealtheConnect Alaska, leaving a post as associate dean of clinical health sciences at the University of Alaska Anchorage.
  • Carolyn Crooks became senior managing director in the financial sponsors group at Evercore and left a post as managing director at Barclays.
  • Meg Barron left a post as VP of digital health innovations at the American Medical Association to become managing director of engagement at the Peterson Health Technology Institute.
  • Kelli Walton became senior people operations manager at Particle Health, leaving a post as director of people at Balto.
  • Darragh Kilgallen joined Adonis as operations manager, leaving the same post at Arena.
  • Wayne Strong became a business development and GTM health care strategist at Commerce Bank, leaving a post as senior director of product at Olive AI.
  • Seemant Jauhari joined Jungle Ventures, where he'll be focused on health care investments, and left a post leading HealthXCapital.
  • Eamon McCormick became a PE associate at Consonance Capital and left a post as an analyst at Stifel.
  • Benjamin Wu became managing director and head of East Coast for growth capital at ORIX USA, leaving a post as CEO of Brex Asset Management.
  • Michael Cuello became head of operations at CardioOne.
  • Jing Chai, formerly a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, became senior manager of commercial strategy at Oshi Health.
  • Ari Kellen, a former exec with Bausch Health, joined Water Street Healthcare Partners to focus on specialty pharma investments.

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