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Exclusive: Sonus Microsystems pre-seeds $2.1M for new ultrasound tech

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Illustration: Gabriella Turrisi/Axios

Sonus Microsystems, which makes ultrasound technology optimized for remote monitoring, raised a $2.1 million pre-seed, CEO Hani Eskandari tells Axios exclusively.

Why it matters: Ultrasound technology hasn't seen much updating over the last few decades, despite being a potentially powerful source to unlock key health information.

Zoom in: LDV Capital led the round. Sonus is generating revenue, Eskandari says, declining to disclose more details.

How it works: Sonus Microsystems' ultrasound technology uses polymer MEMS sensors to send and receive ultrasonic waves.

  • Its tech crafts thousands of vibrating micro-drums on different types of materials, which Sonus says yields superior imaging and testing results.
  • Sonus' products include disposable miniature transducers; wearable transducers for monitoring and screening; and large matrix array transducers for operator-independent imaging for remote monitoring use cases.
  • The company's platform is not yet FDA-approved, though Sonus is working toward securing it, Eskandari says.

What's next: Fresh funds will help Sonus grow its engineering capacity and identify new application areas, Eskandari says.

  • "In the near future, patients will be empowered to track and monitor their health without the need to go to a hospital for every single exam," he says.
  • The rise of wearable ECG patches and devices like the Apple Watch are just the beginning, he says.
  • "This technology is a quantum leap, as the company is enabling tech to be used anywhere to improve patient outcomes," says LDV partner Evan Nisselson.

The bottom line: As care continues to move away from the hospital, devices that enable remote monitoring will play an increasingly larger role.

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