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AI in health tech: More efficiency > more data

Feb 15, 2024
Photo of the Health Tech expert voice lunch at Axios BFD Miami

Health tech expert voice table at Axios BFD Miami. Photo: Ledd Villamarzo, EDIN STUDIOS

Health tech investors at Axios BFD in Miami Tuesday say they're not excited by more data. They get jazzed by better data.

Why it matters: Health tech is already drowning in data. The AI opportunity is to improve how it's managed.

State of play: Unanimously, attendees said that the days of TAM plays are gone, and the deals that get their attention focus on taking advantage of the troves of information.

  • "Most of the really interesting data lives in a lot of companies that aren't particularly adept or maybe — even until six months ago — not that interested in doing anything with the data," said Morgan Stanley's Matthew Strom.
  • The opportunity resides in finding the companies that have had the foresight to invest in some of the "pipes and plumbing" to get access to that data, he adds.

Zoom in: The main question for Series A-level companies is not about having data, but why their data is superior, attendees said.

  • "They have to offer a tangible definition of how they've made things better," said's Sailesh Ramakrishnan. "Either through custom data or through a process change."
  • "A concrete example is in recruiting in health care, which continues to be extremely manual," said Thoma Bravo's Christine Kang. "We have companies that are releasing AI copilots that can help recruiters reach out to ten times more candidates."

What's next: Amazon's health care play.

  • "Let's not forget," said Solomon Partners' Eric Bormel. "Amazon has perhaps the biggest dataset in the world, we are in the early innings of the AI generation, and if they can leverage even a small sample set of that health care data, where can they be in 5–10 years?"

💭 Our thought bubble: The essential open question around picking winners at refining data is how investors, many of whom are patently not data scientists, execute effective diligence on these complex data plays. (Hit reply to tell us how you've seen it done.)

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