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Exclusive: Aily Labs inputs $21M Series A for pharma analysis tools

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Pharma-focused decision analysis software provider Aily Labs added $20.7 million in Series A funds, CEO Bianca Anghelina tells Axios exclusively.

Why it matters: The life science sector's opaque, manual nature results in delays in research, opening a window for startups trying to bring data and transparency to the area.

Details: Insight Partners led the round.

  • Funds will go to expanding Aily Labs' U.S. presence and honing its use of generative AI.
  • Anghelina declined to say when she foresees Aily raising a Series B.

How it works: The Munich, Germany-based company integrates data from various enterprise systems to help pharmaceutical companies with research and supply chain management.

  • For example, a pharmaceutical company running a clinical trial might license Aily's services to better understand the status of patient enrollment in various locations and to predict ideal go-to-market timing for its drug candidate.
  • Those insights are personalized to each member using the tool. A trial manager, for instance, could see data specific to a single trial, while a pharmaceutical company CEO could view data around the risks and opportunities across all of its trials.
  • "Our product can be used by a clinical trial manager and senior organization leader with everyone looking at a single source of truth and acting on the same recommendations," says Anghelina.

Catch up fast: Anghelina spent eight years leading financial planning and analysis at pharmaceutical giant Novartis before leaving to start Aily, which she had self-funded before this Series A.

🤖 One fun thing: "Aily" is short for AI laboratory.

State of play: Several startups focused on boosting transparency and automation in the life sciences have attracted financial interest of late...

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