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Omnibus to include Medicaid deal, FDA reforms

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Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

The omnibus is set to include a deal to wind down the Medicaid continuous coverage provision of the public health emergency and expand coverage for moms and kids, and also includes some FDA reforms, according to aides and lobbyists.

Driving the news: Under the agreement, people could begin to be disenrolled for not being eligible from Medicaid beginning April 1, but the process will occur over a one-year period so there is not a cliff where lots of people are kicked off at once, the sources said.

  • The savings from that policy will in part be used on 12 months of Medicaid postpartum coverage, and continuous Medicaid eligibility for kids for one year.
  • Several FDA reforms which had bipartisan support in the House also made it into the final bill. They include cosmetics reform, clinical trial diversity requirements for manufacturers and revamping the accelerated approval pathway.

Editor's note: Stay tuned for more updates! We're getting other details of the health care omnibus agreement and will share them with you as soon as we're sure they're right.

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