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Exclusive: Waste management payments startup CurbWaste raises $4M

Apr 20, 2023
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CurbWaste, a SaaS software and payments provider to the waste management industry, has raised a $4 million seed extension from TTV Capital, the company tells Axios exclusively.

Why it matters: SaaS platforms are increasingly becoming fintechs by processing payments and offering category-specific financing solutions.

What it does: New York-based CurbWaste provides an all-in-one SaaS platform for managing waste and recycling operations, including CRM, task management, route logistics, fleet tracking, and data reporting.

  • Crucially, it also integrates online ordering, invoicing, payments and asset management and plans to expand its fintech suite with revenue-based financing in the near future.
  • "The waste business is very capital intensive. And one of the big pain points is collecting money," founder Mike Marmo says. "So we wanted to embed fintech solutions."
  • By adding credit card and ACH options early on, CurbWaste was able to automate billing for the industry and improve cash flow for its customers.

Flashback: Prior to founding CurbWaste, Marmo worked as a disposal center operator and hauling company owner.

  • He started building the technology behind CurbWaste to help manage his own operations more efficiently before productizing the platform and making it available to other waste management companies.
  • "Post-Covid, we were fully digital," Marmo says. "We had mobile apps, we had a cloud-based experience... and at that point, I started to feel market pull. My friends and my peers started asking, 'Can we use your software?'"

What’s next: With all its data around customer assets, cash flows and growth, CurbWaste's next product push will be around helping to provide financing to customers to help expand their businesses.

  • "We can say, 'We see you growing at a certain percentage rate month over month or quarter or quarter and here's the amount of assets you have... We feel as though you can take on X amount of capital, and here's the borrowing capacity and partners we have to do it," Marmo says.

Of note: CurbWaste previously raised $7.2 million in funding from investors that include B Capital and Mucker Capital.

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