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What 2023 will bring for fintechs

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What's in store for fintech in 2023? We asked some leading dealmakers and fintech executives for their predictions on what to expect in the New Year. Here's what they're saying.

Note: Some answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Brian Dixon, managing partner of Kapor Capital:

  • One — BNPL will be a feature of traditional credit cards in 2023 versus a solo product as it currently stands. I expect many credit cards will adopt this feature. 
  • Two — Generative AI meets fintech. I expect robo investors to roll out new AI-assisted robo advisors.

Lule Demmissie, CEO of eToro US:

  • Tech has been through a painful year. That’s unearthed a lot of opportunity for the strongest firms and a fight for survival among the weakest.
  • Dealmaking tends to pick up toward the end of bear markets, and I expect we’ll see the same situation this time around ... Consolidation is normal in a maturing industry, and crises can accelerate that process.

TX Zhuo, GP at Fika VC:

  • Don’t expect a slowdown in dealmaking at the seed/Series A stage, but a greater focus on unit economics early on, and B2B fintech will be more popular.
  • At the later stage, rounds will be predicated on companies having a clearer path to profitability. [We'll see] consolidation of direct-to-consumer fintech distribution plays across all sub-verticals as CAC gets challenged, [and] more M&A to get to economies of scale faster or for product breadth, so cross-sell lowers blended CAC.

Rex Salisbury, founder and GP at Cambrian:

  • 2023 will be an awesome year for pre-seed and seed-stage fintechs to hire top talent.
  • If you’re a seed-stage company, not only are you facing less competition for job seekers, but you are also better equipped to poach from later-stage companies, where many employees are depressed because of layoffs and underwater on their equity grants.

Jillian Williams, partner at Cowboy Ventures:

  • I think security/compliance/ fraud and risk are going to be extremely top of mind next year ... FTX is a driver that will push increased scrutiny from regulators.
  • We’ve seen fraud grow drastically across the board, and a lot of the security measures have fallen to the wayside at the expense of growth. We will see a lot of new entrants in this space.

Mark Batsiyan, partner and COO at Inspired Capital:

  • Incumbent financial institutions will go on an acquisition spree fueled by strong profits by banks and insurance companies and the opportunity to buy startups at much more attractive prices.
  • And fintech for SMBs will be a huge area of focus as SMBs look for innovative solutions to help them through the economic cycle.

Justin Overdorff, partner at Lightspeed:

  • One: A few consumer neobanks are going to either fold or be forced into exits/m&a scenarios.
  • Two: A wave of new payment entrants building more flexible APIs and primitives will start slowly taking share from Stripe and Adyen in areas like marketplaces and vertical SaaS payment layers. 
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