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Startup Arc unveils mass market electric boat

A rendering of an electric wake boat made startup Arc

A rendering of the Arc Sport, an electric wake boat under development by startup Arc. Rendering courtesy of Arc

Electric boat startup Arc is unveiling details of its mass market electric wake boat that it plans to start delivering to customers before the end of the year.

Why it matters: The company is trying to do what Tesla did for electric cars and use tech innovations to power a competitive, high-performance boat with batteries.

By the numbers: Arc says the new Arc Sport will be priced starting at $258,000, will have a whopping 226 kWh of battery capacity and feature a 570 hp motor.

  • Arc says interested customers can reserve the boats now, and deliveries are expected to start before the end of the year.
  • CEO Mitch Lee described the new boat to Axios as "the product I've been dreaming of for many years now."
  • The battery range of the Arc Sport will be between four and six hours.

Catch up quick: LA-based Arc, founded in 2021, previously launched a limited-edition first electric boat, called the Arc One.

  • Last year the company raised a $70 million Series B round to develop and manufacture the more mainstream Arc Sport, including opening up a new 150,000-square-foot factory in Torrance, Calif.
  • Eclipse led that financing round, which also included Andreessen Horowitz, Lowercarbon Capital, Abstract Ventures and Menlo Ventures.
  • The vision of an electric sports boat is that it's quieter, cleaner, and could even be cheaper over time.

Zoom in: The issue with most electric sports boats is that it takes a very large battery pack to push a boat for a lengthy distance or with enough performance to zoom around pulling wakeboarders behind.

  • As a result electric sports boat battery packs have been either limited in range or prohibitively expensive.
  • Lee said that Arc has been able to create a large battery, for a relatively low cost, partly due to the EV supply chain that has emerged over the past five years as the EV industry has matured.

What's next: Arc now faces the daunting task of actually manufacturing larger volumes of its Arc Sport.

  • Lee says he intends for Arc to be able to produce "hundreds" — and eventually "thousands" — of Arc Sports, per year. He acknowledges it will take time to get there.
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